Sunday, October 7, 2007

Rugby Is What Fiji Loves

Fiji is playing against South Africa at the moment and it seems that..... Well I really don't want to say anything at the moment since its not even half time yet. I hope and pray that the Fiji team will win but as many of my elders say in Fiji that only God has the last say in everything.

My cousins seems to be commenting on everything. And this always happen when Fiji is losing; just by a few points. From the players, to the linesmen; "Sega tale ni dua e vo!!!!"

Its half time and South Africa seems to be leading... I can't really tell the exact points but its not good news for the Fiji fans. Everyone seems to be walking around now since its half time and they seem to be preparing themselves for all those comments which they will be saying for the second half.... Call me sarcastic but I just can't help it. When it comes to these kind of rugby crazy people, you gotta be sarcastic enough but not too much.

Yesterday was the Fiji Day celebration all around Fiji but it seems that it wasn't really that fruitful since not many of the Fijians decided to join the interim govt celebrating.. Isa how sad!!! Well we really cannot blame anyone else but the interim govt themselves.

Today is a PUBLIC HOLIDAY in Fiji and thank God for that. if not, I bet many of the businesses and the govt will be expecting poor turn out to work tomorrow.

Better go!! Until then... W wish the Fijian boys the best of luck in the second half against South Africa!!! Ni basubasuraki ira!!!!!

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