Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Police Commisioner's Major Role

Its now coming out!!! How about this? Teleni writing a letter to the Interim Attorney General requesting for the judge who is responsible for Kean's trial to be changed.

What do you call this situation? For me, it all comes back to the "CORRUPTION". Some may not agree with me but thats just my opinion. And to make matters worse is that the guy who is in trial here, Mr. Kean also had a copy of a letter. Isn't that tragic? It seems that the Police Commissioner seems to be doing the opposite thing at all.... Helping the murderer out.

Maybe that was the whole reason of putting Teleni in that position is to get all these "army obstacles" to be swept under the carpet. Teleni better be careful because it seems like every "CONFIDENTIAL" shits they're doing seems to be turning up on the media's table. Isn't that great? I know!!

Apart from all these, Inter Tertiary is on the roll... Yes! USP seems to be doing a great job on this and I take my hat off them. It seems like most of the tertiary students are just waiting for the after math.... Sa yawa la o ratou qori!! To all the tertiary schools taking part, May The Best team Wins!!! and make sure you try to know as many people as you can during the aftermath....

Our Viti katchies are already starting with their preparation on the 2007 Milo games!!! It a good thing that the future of our beloved Viti seems to be getting on with life. What about all these politicians & opportunists? Well we really cannot say anything about them since they are the only ones who kow what they're doing; and whether they're really doing this for the sake of the country or for the sake of fattening their pockets in fast way.

Until then. I hope that everyone will have a great weekend and I will be back after the celebration with the Fiji 15's team who will be in the country by tomorrow (Friday) with more stories to tell.

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