Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Police Commisioner's Major Role

Its now coming out!!! How about this? Teleni writing a letter to the Interim Attorney General requesting for the judge who is responsible for Kean's trial to be changed.

What do you call this situation? For me, it all comes back to the "CORRUPTION". Some may not agree with me but thats just my opinion. And to make matters worse is that the guy who is in trial here, Mr. Kean also had a copy of a letter. Isn't that tragic? It seems that the Police Commissioner seems to be doing the opposite thing at all.... Helping the murderer out.

Maybe that was the whole reason of putting Teleni in that position is to get all these "army obstacles" to be swept under the carpet. Teleni better be careful because it seems like every "CONFIDENTIAL" shits they're doing seems to be turning up on the media's table. Isn't that great? I know!!

Apart from all these, Inter Tertiary is on the roll... Yes! USP seems to be doing a great job on this and I take my hat off them. It seems like most of the tertiary students are just waiting for the after math.... Sa yawa la o ratou qori!! To all the tertiary schools taking part, May The Best team Wins!!! and make sure you try to know as many people as you can during the aftermath....

Our Viti katchies are already starting with their preparation on the 2007 Milo games!!! It a good thing that the future of our beloved Viti seems to be getting on with life. What about all these politicians & opportunists? Well we really cannot say anything about them since they are the only ones who kow what they're doing; and whether they're really doing this for the sake of the country or for the sake of fattening their pockets in fast way.

Until then. I hope that everyone will have a great weekend and I will be back after the celebration with the Fiji 15's team who will be in the country by tomorrow (Friday) with more stories to tell.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Rugby Is What Fiji Loves

Fiji is playing against South Africa at the moment and it seems that..... Well I really don't want to say anything at the moment since its not even half time yet. I hope and pray that the Fiji team will win but as many of my elders say in Fiji that only God has the last say in everything.

My cousins seems to be commenting on everything. And this always happen when Fiji is losing; just by a few points. From the players, to the linesmen; "Sega tale ni dua e vo!!!!"

Its half time and South Africa seems to be leading... I can't really tell the exact points but its not good news for the Fiji fans. Everyone seems to be walking around now since its half time and they seem to be preparing themselves for all those comments which they will be saying for the second half.... Call me sarcastic but I just can't help it. When it comes to these kind of rugby crazy people, you gotta be sarcastic enough but not too much.

Yesterday was the Fiji Day celebration all around Fiji but it seems that it wasn't really that fruitful since not many of the Fijians decided to join the interim govt celebrating.. Isa how sad!!! Well we really cannot blame anyone else but the interim govt themselves.

Today is a PUBLIC HOLIDAY in Fiji and thank God for that. if not, I bet many of the businesses and the govt will be expecting poor turn out to work tomorrow.

Better go!! Until then... W wish the Fijian boys the best of luck in the second half against South Africa!!! Ni basubasuraki ira!!!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another Beautiful Day in Viti

I wonder whether I should continue writing things against the military but it looks like I'm going to relax mada for a while and just talk about everything.

Another beautiful day in Viti and everyone seems to be going on with their business. Vodafone Fiji has started with their DOUBLE UP promo and a few weeks ago we had the Hibiscus 2007 launch of the contestants. Sa yawa... The new thing about Hibiscus this year is that we now have King contestants. Ladies, this is an opportunity for you.

Hotels seems to be suffering with only 30% bookings & all but hey!! At least we have tourists visiting this beautiful place at this time of the year.

I am just loving this place forever and I hope that it will remain peaceful like this. Its great to know that some high school kids have joined together to take part in the National Music Festival. And that is what we're talking about; the young generation of Fiji showing harmony.

Well its time to get back to reality and leave this spot alone. Until then, Have a great life!!!